Thursday, March 26, 2009

Getting Ready for the Big Move

I have so much to do before we move in *gulp* a little over 2 weeks, but I am going to try to get some more links up later to some incredible photographers blogs I've stumbled upon. In particular, you should go check out Beth Merritt's beautiful photos on her blog. She has given me some amazing advice and feedback, and I'm so grateful to her.

But for now, Jake is on Spring Break from school. Before we knew we were moving (2 weeks ago) we'd promised to take him to Disneyland and you can't break promises to six year olds or you get in big, big trouble. So we're going to take off here in about 30 minutes. I'll worry about packing up the garage tomorrow....


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Cama Cathrae said...

Jessica, good luck on your move. Moving is so overwhelming, isn't it! But, another beautiful image of your darling little guy!